Asus Zenbook Flip S 13 Ultra Slim Laptop Epic !!!

Asus Zenbook flip s

The Asus Zenbook Flip S ($ 1,549) is a portable computer 2 in 1 attractive on multiple fronts. On the physical side, it is a highly portable high quality convertible with a beautiful OLED 4K touch screen. Inside, it is one of the first laptops that we have in review with one of the new “Tig Lake” mobile processors of Intel, and the first with “Evo” Trustmark of Intel. The compilation and the set of characteristics are strong (we regret the connector of missing headphones, although there is a dongle included), and the general performance is good. However, this laptop does not reach the other “Tiger Lake” systems that we have tried so far, including one with the same CPU.

We did not see great gains in general speed or integrated graphics, and since we know that other designs are capable of more, we have to dock the ZenBook Flip S. If you are less worried about finding this convertible attraction at a fair price, although Dell XPS 13 2-In-1 is still our best choice.

Technical Specs of Asus Zenbook Flip S

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Asus Zenbook Flip S


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Design of Asus Zenbook Flip S

Asyus Zenbook flip sAmong its price and design, Asus ZenBook Flip S is undoubtedly a premium laptop. You can find more expensive ultraportable and 2 in 1, without a doubt, but many have a lower initial price and increase more according to the configuration.

This $ 1,449 model (UX371) is the only configuration for this laptop, so it is above the initial prices of many competitors, but it is also better than the average, without a doubt. The most popular configurations of these machines (systems such as the DELL mentioned above, the HP Specter X360 13 and the 13 -inch Apple MacBook Pro, sound closely at the price of  Asus ZenBook Flip S.

We will delve into the components and the performance below, but only to describe what it obtains for $ 1,449, this laptop is equipped with a Tiger Lake Intel Core i7-1165g7, 16 GB processor, 16 GB of memory, a 1TB M.2 SSD for storage and an OLED 4K touch screen (3,840 for 2,160 pixels).

It also qualifies as an Intel Evo system (the replacement for Project Athena), which meets a list of requirements for thin and light portable computers that ensure portability and usability with the new generation of Intel processors. As a result, it has an Evo label on the keyboard cover. (Read more about the promises and requirements of Intel evo here).

As mentioned, the processor in the flip s is one of the last parts of 11th Intel generation (complete with integrated Intel Iris XE graphics), one of the first we have in our hands. So, the performance section later is of special interest.

But first, a little on the body. Premium sensation appears in the appearance and physical construction, as well as in the components. Stylistically, the gray and Topper scheme look luxurious, similar to that of HP Specter laptops. The body is made of an aluminum alloy, which makes it feel of greater quality than plastic alternatives, while keeping it lighter than a completely aluminum chassis.

That said, a completely aluminum chassis points out “metal” better than this alloy: I could see someone confusing this housing with plastic. The lid, especially at the height of mechanized aluminum compilations.

However, where is it worth alloy? Zenbook Flip S measures only 0.54 by 12 by 8.3 inches (HWD) and weighs 2.65 pounds. This is admirably thin and light, even in this category. The 13-inch Macbook Pro is a thicker touch and weighs 3.1 pounds, while the Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 is slightly thinner but weighs 2.9 pounds. (Dell XPS 13 Non convertible is also heavier in 2.8 pounds). This, in addition to its convertibility, makes the flip s one of the most portable high -end laptops.

Display of Asus Zenbook Flip S

I will touch the convertibility of the screen at a time, but it would be negligent not to concentrate first on the screen of this laptop. This screen will be one of the main drawings to this portable computer, since it is an OLED 4K panel of 13.3 inches with touch capacity. That is almost as good as on any laptop, much less in this screen size.

Now, granted, you probably do not need a 4K resolution at 13 inches. But Windows 10 scale options make the text readable and the general user interface can be used. OLED technology is currently linked to 4K panels, so if Asus felt strongly for the first, the second is part of the package.

The first wave of laptops OLED impressed us last year, despite the fact that the screen option was almost exclusively linked to the highest configurations of laptops that offered it. (The key examples include the Razer Blade 15 OLED and the Alienware M15 2019). You can read more about the advantages of OLED screens, how they work and our favorite laptops that use them in our summary of the best laptops OLED.

In a nutshell, OLED panels generally eliminate IPS and other screen technologies in terms of vitality and brightness, while using less power. The ZenBook Flip S is no exception: the screen is bright, a clear notch on non -waved screens in terms of brightness, color and contrast. It immediately shows at first sight, and Oled is still a party for his eyes compared to traditional screens.

There is a reason why this technology has been gaining traction with televisions, and evolution is slowly starting at laptops. The fact that, at this time, it is a more expensive technology, linked to resolution 4K, it means that OLED screens will appear only on more expensive laptops such as this time. But hopefully, the broader adoption is not far away.

That brilliant screen will be its portal to the digital world as it turns, turn and touch this convertible machine. Last computers 2 in 1 convertibles are not new in the PC market these days, but they are still less common than the traditional designs of Clamhell. The hinges feel high quality and turn easily when they are held in two hands. However, the ASUS does not pass the proof of a finger.

(That is, try to open the lid with a finger without holding the laptop in place with the other hand). I suspect that hinges are a bit stricter than normal, so the screen does not float as it transforms between modes or carries the laptop.

The ability to convert Flip s a tablet helps to show some data to colleagues while walking through the office (if we return to the offices) and to facilitate the trip. The fact that the screen will look so well when you take the device from your bag to use in tablet mode, or to watch a movie with the screen folded towards you, it is a great advantage.

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REAL-WORLD Games Tests

The previous synthetic tests are useful for measuring general 3D aptitude, but it is difficult to overcome complete retail video games to judge the performance of the games. Far Cry 5 and Rise of the Tomb Raider are modern high fidelity titles with incorporated reference points that illustrate how a system manages the real world game in various environments.

In this case, we execute them at a 1080p resolution in the low and middle image quality configuration of the games (low and normal for Far Cry 5 under Directx 11, low and medium for the increase in the assailant of the tomb under Directx 12 ). Despite the 4K screen of the ZenBook Flip S, we lower the resolution to 1080p, since the native 4K would be too tension.

As we usually do not execute game tests in ultra -advertible and convertible, I have had to change my comparison points. In 2019, we tried an Intel Whitebook with the “Ice Lake” CPU of the previous tenth generation (the same i7-1065g7 nucleus later used in Blade Stealth 13 and Dell XPS 13) to read its PPI performance, as we did with us With Tiger Lake in our preview. Because of that, we have integrated graphic results for the ICE Lake Core i7-1065g7 to compare with the I7-1165G7, so I will use that bank book (in its 15-watt configuration) as a comparison system here.

Here are the results of the graphics of our Welbook 2020 Tiger Lake, in 28 watts, to see the probable maximum potential of the Tiger Lake platform. Also keep the Blade Stealth 13 and its discreet results of the GPU on board as the bar to reach, even the discreet graphics of entry level are one step beyond integrated.

Unfortunately, the ZenBook Flip S and its implementation of 13 watts did not represent Tiger Lake and Intel xe to their maximum potential … far from it. While we saw exciting improvements in our first library tests to 28 watts, the numbers here in this design of 13 watts practically do not show improvements on Ice Lake. Lowering the resolution to 720p definitely increases the table speeds, but not much more than doing the same with the previous generation.

Given the previous results of the CPU here, it is worth emphasizing that this laptop is probably not indicative of Iris XE capabilities as a whole. This would not be the laptop I would point to for casual players, but another Tiger Lake machine on the line can adapt to the invoice. Intel has made great statements that Iris XE is a leap forward for integrated graphics, but it does not seem that the ZenBook Flip s is the machine to prove it.

2-In-1 Asus Zenbook Flip S

Asyus Zenbook flip sAs an ultraportable convertible, the Asus ZenBook Flip S checks all of the important boxes. It looks and feels high-quality, the screen is brilliant, and the price is pretty reasonable for what you’re getting.

A new Core i7 CPU, 16GB of memory, and a roomy 1TB SSD are a solid base for any workload short of the most strenuous jobs (which will always require a beefier PC than an ultraportable). Combining that with an attractive physical shell makes it an appealing combination.

That said, I didn’t end up liking the ZenBook Flip S as a full package quite as much as I liked its build. If you’re more concerned with portability than performance, then the above positives should be enough for you. If you’re interested in extra speed and the theoretical potential of Tiger Lake, though, this laptop is a bit of a letdown, falling short of expectations in both overall CPU performance and integrated graphics power.

  • Luxe design, with aluminum alloy build
  • Very thin and light at 2.65 pounds
  • Brilliant 4K OLED touch display
  • USB Type-C ports with Thunderbolt 4 support, plus a USB Type-A port
  • Thin design likely cramping CPU performance
  • Keyboard layout is a bit tight
  • No dedicated headphone jack (USB-to-3.5mm adapter is included)


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