Dell XPS 13 Is Really a Best Laptop For Student ?

Dell XPS 13

Just as Dell accelerated the adoption of laptops from Bezel narrow with 2015 Dell XPS 13 and XPS 15, Dell now wants to accelerate the adoption of laptops 16:10 with 2020 xps 13 9300 and inevitable 2020 xps 15. We have already reviewed The FHD+ (1920 x 1200) versions of the XPS 13 9300, so this review will focus on the 4K UHD+ configuration (3840 x 2400) that represents the highest option currently available.

For more information about the chassis and its characteristics, we recommend reviewing our existing reviews in FHD XPS 13 Next, since this page will focus on the 4K screen and any battery life or performance differences between you and the FHD sku . Direct competitors include other high -end WiIndows subnota such as Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 13, Asus Zenbook 13, Lenovo Ideapad S940, HP Specter 13 or Huawei Matebook X Pro. None, however, comes with 16:10 screens.

Specification of Dell XPS 13

In this review of Dell XPS 13, we will tell you all about the most recent iteration of the XPS 13 that is scoring main points in our best laptop guide.

Dell XPS 13As usual with Dell, this impressive laptop is available with a variety of configurations, so you can specify Dell XPS 13 to meet your needs and the amount you are willing to pay. However, even at the lower end of the options, we are talking about a laptop with a premium construction and a premium price.

If you have an XPS 13 2019, there are no convincing reasons to update: the new model is slightly smaller in general, with a slightly larger screen and a slightly larger keyboard. While CPUs are largely equal, internal graphics obtain a small impulse in the new editions.


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There is no doubt about it, Dell XPS 13 by 2020 looks very good: the screen bezels are thinner than ever, the keyboard is intelligent and elegant and surrounded by an attractive carbon fiber material with texture, and the complete computer It weighs only 1.27 kg (2.8 pounds). You can easily carry it in one hand, and as expected, it is very simple to place this in a backpack or a briefcase. Its color options are black with silver back on the lid or white with a ‘frost’ lid (white).

Special mention of the screen that is impressive: bright, clear, hdr-listo, everything that fantastic. You can choose to reach a 4K touch screen model (3,840 x 2,400 pixels), as our review device had done, or settle for a version of 1,920 x 1,200 pixels, but in any way we are great fans (even if you take into account That you keep in mind that you notice that you have to you. The laptop also uses the 16:10 appearance ratio, which we prefer more than 16: 9; It is not so good for movies, but you can adjust more of your documents and web pages on the screen at the same time.


We will not take it through all the various configurations of Dell XPS 13 by 2020, but our portable review computer came with an Intel Core i7-1065g7 Gen processor, 16 GB of RAM and 1 TB SSD storage. It is an impressive selection of specifications, but it can mark them a bit if you need something a little more affordable for its next portable computer purchase. We definitely did not have any problems with web navigation, office work and image edition: it will be the edition of games and videos where the XPS 13 fight, although the integrated Intel Iris Plus graphics will certainly try and do their best.

Dell XPS 13To be fair, you will not expect the performance of high -end games if you buy a 13 -inch laptop with integrated graphics, but it impressed the speed with which the laptop did everything that was asked. Internal fans only occasionally (and silently) were activated during a heavier web navigation, which may probably blame the status of the websites in 2020 instead of the XPS 13. provided it does not plan to edit 4K videos or run Grand Theft theft Auto Auto V In this, it should be fine, especially if you are going for the i7 and 16 GB configuration of RAM.

The battery life was not brilliant in our tests, with 5-6 hours of standard use of the standard. Our two-hour video transmission test reduced the battery level from 100 percent to 68 percent, which suggests around 6-7 hours of non-stop films. However, that was with the shine on the 4K screen immediately enriched: the low -resolution screen and a lower brightness configuration should give more time between the charges (our Techradar friends reviewed the lowest screen option and obtained more battery duration) . It is also worth noting that we review this laptop during a suffocating wave here in the United Kingdom, which probably did not help thermal.

Fortunately, Dell maintains the pre -installed bloatware, so he has a clean version of Windows 10 and not much more. There is a useful cinemacolour utility, which can adjust the temperature of the screen depending on what you are doing (watching movies, working at night), and also obtains a Dell Mobile Connect tool that makes it a little easier to integrate its Android or iOS phone with windows.


You can consult the widgets embedded on this page to obtain the last prices of Dell XPS 13, but at the time of writing, even the cheapest configuration will cost you  $ 1,249 directly from Dell. That is a significant amount of money for a laptop, and if you want all the best components and features (including that 4K screen), then you will have to pay several hundred pounds (or dollars). It is worth checking our Dell discount codes to save on your purchase.

There are many cheaper Windows laptops of Windows that can do everything that XPS 13 can do (or very close to it), but with the additional expense that is paying for the class and the construction quality of this laptop, as well as That fantastic screen. If the quality of the appearance and the sensation and quality of the screen are important for you, remember that it is likely to spend a lot of time writing on this device, then we believe that the laptop still has a lot of market quality.

Leaving the price aside, there are very few negatives when it comes to Dell XPS 13 by 2020. Some additional ports would be useful, but this is a very compact and light portable computer, and compensation must be done somewhere. The battery life is not the best, but again there are ways to mitigate this (starting with the purchase of a cheaper model with a lower resolution screen): For most people, 5-6 hours away From a load point it should be sufficient, although the XPS 13 is in no way close to some of the best laptops or Windows chromebooks in this department based on the tests we have performed.

However, in general, it is difficult not to be surprised by what Dell has managed Then it will last many years. It is difficult to see how Dell will improve the XPS 13 the next time you update the range, but we will be interested in finding it out.

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