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Dell XPS 15

Why Dell XPS 15 Special ? Dell XPS machines are usually some of the most luxurious laptops, and the latest Dell XPS 15 do not deviate from a family plan.

That is not necessarily a problem. The XPS 15 has received subtle improvements since its last iteration, and the laptop impresses with powerful internal and improved visualization options.

While there is no doubt that Dell XPS 15 seems the part and has the power to be guided through difficult tasks, there are some areas in which its design does not accumulate at all. And, as always, Dell XPS machines are not cheap, so we have also deepened the price situation.

However, if you are looking for a powerful laptop to encode or program, we believe that Dell XPS 15 could be one of the best market options at this time. It has a large screen and an excellent keyboard, which makes it a dream to work for longer periods, and under the hood it has all the power you will need to compile and try your work.

And when you need to relax and play some games or watch a movie after work, the XPS also has a large screen and a solid GPU to make the last box office successes shine. If that sounds like its type of machine, read our complete review of Dell XPS 15 below to discover the full story.

Specification Of Dell XPS 15

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Dell XPS 15 Design

  • An impressive, resistant and familiar notebook
  • Large keyboard
  • Solid characteristics but a selection of disappointing port

Dell XPS 15 is one of the most attractive laptops you can buy today. Its body remains made of aluminum ground by CNC, and the keyboard cover still uses carbon fiber, and everything is still bright.

The XPS 15 is available in two different color schemes: there is a silver and black platinum model that we have tested along with a white model with a fiberglass keyboard cover.

The Dell machine has excellent construction quality, and weighs between 1.8 kg and 1.96 kg depending on the specification. It also has only 18 mm thick. Combine the robust design and modest dimensions and will have a device that is reassively easy to use on the road.

The large keyboard buttons get into a rigid base, and the keys have a clear, comfortable and consistent writing action: it is easy to use this unit all day. The only inconvenience is the lack of Numberpad. The trackpad is also excellent: large, precise and with full gesture support.

Dell’s Machine has a 720P webcam with Windows Hello Support, and the ignition button includes a digital fingerprint reader. Connectivity comes from the Dual Band 802.11 Wireless and Bluetooth 5.1 .1.

However, in some practical areas, Dell does not match. This laptop has two Thunderbolt 4 ports and a USB 3.2 type C connector together with an SD card reader and headphones connector. However, that is all for physical connectivity: there are no full -size USB ports, no HDMI or internet output with cable. Dell includes a USB and HDMI adapter in the box, but that is not ideal.

Dell XPS 15 Performance

  • Impressive Intel processors
  • Decent thermal yield
  • A core of entry level graphics

The Core i7-11800H has eight nuclei and a maximum speed of 4.6 GHz, and is excellent. When combined with the 16 GB default memory, you can address most daily tasks, from executing browser tabs to managing office tools and the creation of conventional content.

This chip is marginally faster than the AMD Ryzen 7 5800h that is often included in rivals, and is miles beyond the CPU Core i7 of low power used in lighter laptops. The Dell machine also does a great job in the thermal department: the XPS was never too hot or noisy.

If you spend more on the Core I9-11900H, do not expect a great impulse of performance. Both chips have eight nuclei and the Core i9 part is only 300MHZ faster. The processor update will offer some additional capacity in creative tasks, but it is only worth considering whether you want to run demanding applications, such as 4K video tools or high -end design software.

If you want to wait for the 12th Intel generation chips, you will see small improvements in a single sub -process tasks along with significant profits in multiple core tests. If you want to execute a really demanding creative software, it is worth it, although the Boosted Dell XPS 15 will probably be more expensive than the models listed here.

The 16 GB of predetermined memory are broad for everyday situations, and only needs to consider an impulse of 32 GB to execute stricter professional and creative tools. The 64 GB update will be exaggerated for most users, only that the most demanding designers and creatives need to apply.

RTX 3050 and RTX 3050 TI graphics cards are not impressive. They are faster than any integrated graphics nucleus, but they only have the power to help in conventional content creation tools. On the games side, they will only handle eSports and titles for a single 1080p player.

Dell XPS 15 Speaker And Screen

  • Bold, bright and high -resolution screen options
  • Good colors that could be a bit better
  • Excellent audio equipment

The XPS 15 is available with three screens: the two IPS models and the only OLED alternative. The three use an 16:10 appearance ratio, which gives you more vertical space than conventional panels of 16: 9.

The IPS unit of 3,840 x 2,400 has a maximum brightness level beyond 450 nits, so it is ideal to use indoors and exteriors, and its contrast ratio floats in 1,750: 1. That is ideal for an IPS panel, and Help this screen to serve an impressive depth and vitality: everything is bold and forceful.

The Dell panel takes a little turn in the color department. Positively, this screen shows the entire SRGB colored range and almost all Adobe RGB and DCI-P3/HDR color spaces, so it is capable of working in those areas. Negatively, the accuracy of the color of the screen is good, but it is not excellent.

The slightly misrepresented accuracy is not noticeable in daily use and is fine for daily work. In fact, the vitality, resolution and contrast of Dell make this one of the best laptop panels today. Wait for the same quality in the lower resolution IPS option.

That said, if you work in tasks that need a perfect color accuracy for the image, you must look at other machines or consider Dell’s OLED screen despite its slightly lower resolution.

No matter the screen, you will always get a good audio here. Dell speakers are excellent: noisy, clear and detailed. Our only criticism is a slightly strong basis. They are among the best speakers you will find on any laptop.


Dell XPS 15 Battray Life

  • Useful life of all day in moderate work loads
  • Longevity falls into difficult applications or with the OLED screen

Dell XPS 15At a work reference point with the screen in the middle of brightness, we discovered that the XPS lasted nine hours and four minutes. That is a reasonable result for a 15.6 -inch laptop with a powerful processor, and if you use this notebook for daily tasks, the working day will pass.

When executing the processor at a maximum rate, we discovered that the XPS 15 had approximately six hours of longevity. You can expect both results to spend an hour if you buy the OLED screen.

These are not bad results for this type of machine, but neither do they push the envelope. If you want a significant improvement in battery life, you will have to opt for notebooks with weaker performance.

The duration of the decent battery and the excellent performance mean that we would happily recommend Dell XPS 15 as one of the best laptops for students, if it were not for the high entry price. Speaking of what …

Price of Dell XPS 15

American buyers will generally obtain a better value than their counterparts in the United Kingdom in the XPS 15, but they are not cheap anywhere. The XPS 15 cheaper in the US. UU. It costs $ 1,499 and includes the Core I7-11800H, 16 GB of memory and a 512 GB SSD. It only has NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX 3050 graphics, but there is barely one step behind RTX 3050 TI.

The update of the American model to Core I9-11900H costs $ 400, and costs the same amount to change to the High Resolution OLED screen. The RTX 3050 TI costs $ 100, and the same memory and storage updates are available for American customers.

The US portable computers are not currently available with the 3,840 x 2,400 IPS screen, although this part is likely to be in stock and reappear in the specifications lists.

Also remember that Dell will almost surely update the XPS with the Intel 12th Gen. processors we have detailed the type of performance profits that you must wait, but it is worth waiting if you need each ounce of processing power.



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