Google Pixelbook Go Is Awe-Inspiring

Goolgle PixelBook Go

Google Pixelbook Go has made Google’s expensive products line a bit more accessible to consumers. That makes it an additional addition to the list, especially for users with a budget mentality that cannot pay the premium price of Google Pixelbook.

However, to maintain its relatively low price, certain sacrifices must be made. Google Pixelbook Go is losing the most premium characteristics such as biometric login. Nor is it exactly the cheapest Chromebook on the market. In addition, although its base configuration is affordable, the higher its specifications staircase, the more expensive it will be, which makes it a great value.

With such commitments, is it worth taking a look at Google Pixelbook? It is not without merit. It has a 1080p webcam, a large battery life and an impressive keyboard, and are more than enough to convince those who seek to move from their very outdated portable tablets or computers. And it is still the most affordable form in the Google product line.

Even if those with the dough will still find that the Pixelbook flagship is its reference option, for many, the option is the ideal option.

Specification of Google Pixelbook

Price And Availability Of Google Pixelbook Go

Google PixelBook GoIt is true that Google still demands a lot with its cheapest chromebook at the beginning: $ 649 (£ 629, approximately au $ 950) by 8 GB of memory (RAM) and 64 GB of storage with an Intel Core M3 processor (CPU) of Eighth generation and touch screen LCD Full HD (1080p). This is how the rest of the price breaks:

Intel Core i5 (8GB, 128GB) – $ 849
Intel Core i5 (16GB, 128 GB) – $ 999
Intel Core i7 (16GB, 256GB, 4K) – $ 1,399

As you can see, although the Google Pixelbook Go is destined to be an alternative to Google Pixelbook itself, which will still be available, the GO can approach the price of that high -end laptop computer very quickly if you are not careful. This, eventually, defeats the product positioning point completely.

If you will drop $ 999 in a pixelbook Go, you could also buy the pixelbook itself, with its most clear screen, hybrid characteristics and optical pencil support. That said, it is obtaining some functions in the march that simply does not come in the Pixelbook, such as a 1080p webcam and up to two more hours of battery.

Even so, it should be taken into account that for only $ 50 more than the average range pixelbook, when it is on sale in the USA., You can buy a 2019 macbook air with twice the storage, a more clear screen, better better Thunderbolt 3 ports, do not mention the general charm of a complete macOS system.

At the entrance level, there are some similar chromebooks that exceed the price of Google Pixelbook, such as the 14 -inch Asus Chromebook Flip, which offers a complete experience of 2 in 1 for $ 50 less in the US. UU. In the same way, You will find a practically identical situation with Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 at $ 599 in the United States.

Anyway, when it comes to Chromebooks Premium, the Pixelbook Go is mostly unmatched in its particular benefits and characteristics that it offers, such as the duration of the super long battery, a 1080p webcam and one of the best keyboards that we have had the pleasure of using a laptop.

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Design of Google Pixelbook Go

Of course, the Google Pixelbook Go is designed to be thin and light, measuring only 0.5 inches thick and with a weight of 2.3 pounds. The laptop comes in just two colors: “only black” and “no pink”, also known as black and pink. We appreciate something between these two, as an option of white or straight anodized magnesium, but unfortunately.

As we mentioned, the framework of this laptop is made of an alloy of magnesium painted in a matt texture that, combined with the wavy base, is very easier to grab and maintain while moving between meetings or work spaces, as Google promises . We find that this framework is very resistant to pressure and flexion, which is rare in Chromebooks. And, Chico, Google uses every last inch of that frame.

The pixelbook not only has a keyboard with comfortable keys comfortably, but also of the high filling speakers. Of course, they are a bit small and, as a result, something very metallic in the high range, but these speakers beat the vast majority of laptops of this size, which are normally encountered with lower firing speakers.

However, one thing that Google did not include is the capacity of biometric login: there is no digital fingerprint sensor or there is a facial iris or scanner in the pixelbook Go. Taking into account that many Chromebooks provide at least one of these solutions at this price, it is a safe painful place. Google tells us that he trusts in his Android phone unlock function, but that leaves anyone who does not use an Android phone.

But, returning to the positive aspects, the Google Pixelbook Go keyboard is, without a doubt, one of the best we have used on a laptop. This is an improvement of Google’s “Hush” design, which carries the original and silent keys to the company’s pixelbook at this more reasonable price. We would say that this is the best combination of silence and forceful comments that we have experienced on a laptop keyboard.

However, most likely it does not know that the Pixelbook Go keyboard is backless without reading this review. Professional advice: holding the “ALT” key and then pressing the brightness controls of the screen alternate the level of the bottom light of the keyboard. It is not a decisive factor, but this design is not so intuitive, to say the least, since this combination does nothing for any other key in the higher function row.

When it comes to connectivity, the Pixelbook Go is equipped with two USB-C 3.1 ports that can handle load and screen output, in addition to a 3.5 mm headphone outlet. This is in no way is an expansive selection of ports, but it really doesn’t have to be. That said, the mid -range and high -end configurations of the laptop are easily overcome by Thunderbolt 3 ports in abundance when they observe their competition equivalent to prices.

There is a disadvantage when comparing the design of Pixelbook Go frame with its predecessor and competitors at similar prices: it is not a 2 portable computer in 1. This certainly affects the versatility of the laptop, but personally, this editor does not care about everyone Modes laptops 2 into 1 convertibles. That makes us ask why Google would include a touch screen, but that would severely limit the amount of Android applications that the operating system could admit.

Now, let’s argue what will spend all the time looking: the screen. In the absence of the highest range configuration, the Pixelbook Go uses a 1080p touch screen, which we find to show colors with the vitality and precision we expect from laptops within the high -end price range. However, we want Chrome to represent you to the Native Native Non -climb resolution: the most legible scale produces an effective resolution of 1,600 x 900, which covers the impact of its 1080p position.

Even so, we would feel much more secure editing photos on this screen of the laptop than most other Chromebooks. As for the 4K molecular display option, while we have not experienced it in person, it seems to us that it is completely unnecessary for a Chromebook.

In addition, above the screen, the Google Pixelbook Go presents a 1080p front camera that records the video in 60 cold


Performance of Google Pixel Go

Being a Chromebook, you should not expect an innovative performance of the Pixelbook Go, particularly with intel CPU without a fan inside. While we cannot talk about Intel Core M3 performance of the entrance level model, we can say that the Core i5 series and is more than enough for basic tasks and even an edition of light photos.

The laptop is certainly capable of running android games and reproducing a 1080p video very well, but anything beyond that will probably make the system look. This works well for Google, since its operating system is not really compatible with many really demanding applications.

We discovered that, with 8 GB of RAM, this Chromebook is much more capable of performing multiple tasks between several Google Chrome browser tabs, more than a dozen, without having to recharge them by accessing them due to the shortage of memory. Most Chromebooks at this price offer only 4 GB of RAM to the detriment, since Google browser depends terribly on RAM, even after updates.

In addition, for its price, the Geekbench 4 numbers of Pixelbook Go are not much worse than the last Macbook Air, at least with the configurations we have tried. That is a quite impressive feat for a Chromebook, and, ironically, a feat for Macbook Air.

In summary, any task to do to do our work here in Techradar can be done in this pixelbook without problems. That does not speak for all users, but we have a varied and intense workload that covers several browser tabs and Android applications at a given time.

You Will Need Google PixelBook Go When….

  • You want an ideal Chromebook experience
    From its luxurious construction quality to an excellent and complete software experience, you are getting the best Chromebook available at this price. And now that Chrome is almost comparable to established operating systems, it is no longer lost as an average user.
  • You want one of the best laptop computer keyboards
    Seriously, Pixelbook Go has the most impressive combination of silence and comments that we have heard or felt on a laptop to date. It is honestly enough to make this laptop our daily machine with how comfortable the keyboard is.
  • You want a laptop with a really decent webcam
    The fact that Pixelbook Go has a more clear webcam than even MacBook Pro 2019 models is, crazy. If you want a laptop with a large webcam that does not cost a fortune, apparently Google’s laptop is a path to follow, who would have done it?



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