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HP Envy 13

The HP Envy 13 enjoyed a long reign as the best portable computer for less than $ 1,000 after we gave the previous model a 4.5 -star rating in 2019. He was eager to turn the renewed model to see if he could keep his position despite growing. competition in this space. Fortunately, the Intel CPU of the eleventh generation in this envy 13 offers a faster yield and a longer battery duration of what would be expected from a lower portable computer of $ 1,000.

However, the highlight is still the elegant aluminum design, which finds a good balance of form and function. The latter is achieved by offering USB type A and type C ports, along with a comfortable keyboard and an excellent 1080p screen.

HP put so much effort to make this laptop of medium range feel like a flagship device that the decision to use a plastic tactile panel is confusing. It is a frustrating measure of cost reduction, but not a decisive factor when envy does so many things well at a pleasant price. Given its excellent value, the envy 13 deserves a place in our best 13 -inch laptops and the best classifications of laptops.

Specification of HP Envy 13

Our review unit costs $ 794.49, but comes in the beautiful pale gold (additional $ 10) and is equipped with 8 GB of RAM and a 1080p touch screen. If you are good with silver and do not need a touch-sensitive panel, a model with a CPU Core i7-1165g7, 8 GB of RAM and a 256 GB SSD cost $ 1,009.

HP Envy 13The update of the components does not cost much more. For example, with the Core i7 model, it can go from 8 GB to 16 GB of RAM for only $ 40 more (we strongly recommend doing so). Spend another $ 70 duplicates its storage to a 512 GB SSD, although the 1 TB option is expensive, at $ 170 extra. You will pay a $ 150 premium on the 1080P base screen to update to a 4K panel.

The shortage of stock is a problem throughout the industry at this time, so it could be necessary patience for some configurations.

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HP Envy 13 Design

Here is a toas for HP for sending me the champagne model. The subtle indication of gold in this version adds a touch of class to an already premium design.

HP completely hugged this pale peach tone, which covers the lid, cover, keyboard and touch panel. The only elements that are not gold are an elegant Chrome HP logo centered on the lid, and small envy and the Bang & Olufsen brand on the deck.

This is a rare occasion when I’m glad that HP has not made too many changes in this design. As I mentioned in my previous model review, the envy 13 is the most premium portable computer that you will find in this price of less than $ 900. This is because it shares characteristics with its most expensive brother, the Specter X360 14.

HP Envy 13 screen

HP Envy 13The 1080p tactile screen of 13.3 inch envy 13, 1080p is among the best available in this price range.

It is not 4k or Oled, and does not have an elegant appearance ratio, but the screen nails the basics: it is sharp, bright and vivid. I hope that the Shang-Chi movie and the ten rings legend find their way to the transmission shortly after the launch because watching the trailer in The Envy 13 moved me for this next Marvel superhero movie.

HP Envy 13 Keyboard and Tactile Panel

The keys have a relatively deep trip and a pleasant tactile bulge when you arrive at the place of action. My fingers bounced cautiously from one letter to the next and never seemed background. In addition, there was no learning curve of my traditional external keyboard. These keys are well spaced and only a few are smaller than normal (for example, the left Ctrl key).

Some search and tread typed can fight with the transparent source on the keys. It does not contrast as well as black or black or black. What I like is two -stage backrooter that produces a shine even white below all but the key of the space bar.

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HP Envy 13 Performance

Do not be fooled by the “Core i5”, envy 13 is as powerful as other ultra-simlim laptops in this segment. It even runs beyond the most expensive models and those with older core i7 processors. From now on, the gap between a Core i5 and Core i7 configuration is $ 150, which does not seem to be worth the update based on the excellent results we are seeing of Core i5 in our tests. Ah, and just to emphasize, the RAM update of $ 50 is obvious.

In search of the details, our review unit has a CPU Core i5-1135g7 with 16 GB of RAM. He juggled with 20 Microsoft Edge eyelashes as an expert jester, regardless of how many additional balls I threw to the mixture. Those included two tabs that reproduce 1080P YouTube videos, a dozen tabs from my favorite technology websites and a Fox Sports transmission of a match of the Concacaf Champions League between Columbus Crew and C.F. Monterrey.

HP Envy 13 Graphics

Intel Iris XE graphics in envy improve a lot of integrated solutions of yesteryear. You will not play the newest AAA games in the ultra configuration (not without an EGPU, at least), but the daily tasks such as loading web pages, watch 4K videos and even make a light photo editing will not be a problem.

HP Envy 13 battery duration

Only a few years ago, finding a laptop that lasted 10 hours with a position was as mining for gold. Now, it is becoming a standard. Envy 13 reaches that brand and then something, which lasts 11 hours and 15 minutes in the portable MAG battery test (web surf on Wi-Fi at 150 nits).

Conclusion about HP Envy 13

HP approached almost all the deficiencies of the previous envy 13, a laptop that already had very few failures. The last model presents a Tugerbolt 4 port and highlights the bezels of the screen, resulting in a modern and compact design.

Everything else about envy 13 is better or as good as before. The 1080p screen is bright and vivid, the keyboard is a pleasure to write, and still obtains a Thunderbolt 4 entrance along with two USB type A ports to connect mice, keyboards or web cameras. Bringing a 11th generation Intel CPU on board has improved a winning formula. Our Core i5 model impressed in the reference tests and the real world, and the envy 13 lasted almost 11 hours with a position.

An area that HP did not improve was the touch panel. It works well, but the plastic surface does not feel so easy to use as a glass. In addition, the speakers were dropped from the roof to the bottom, which resulted in a blow or failure sound.

These objections are easily excused when considering the complete package: Envy 13 gives you an almost bad laptop at a price not so of the part.

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