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Macbook M1

The Apple Macbook Air M1 takes its idea of ​​what a Macbook Air is, and throws it into the recycling paper. Yes, it still has the same iconic wedge aesthetic, but Apple Silicon makes it much more powerful and capable than ever, destroying Intel’s CPU and makes it a Macbook Pro competitor. Therefore, a new era began for MacBook Air , one with professional power that challenges PC with Windows based on Intel, and often surpasses them.

As a possible Macbook buyer, I am pleased to say that the new Macbook Air offers serious performance profits about its predecessor, and many more hours of battery duration. This MacBook Air review with M1 will show why this is one of the best laptops, point. And as of October 2021, it has some new brothers, since Apple presented the new MacBook Pro 2021 of 14 inches and MacBook Pro 2021 of 16 inches.

Most of the applications that I have used in Macbook Air remain the Intel versions, which Macos Big Sur uses Rosetta 2 to translate to work in its ARM based processor. Once application developers make universal versions, their applications will run even faster in Apple silicon systems, such as this M1 MacBook Air.

Specification of Macbook Air M1

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Macbook Air M1: performance

The performance of the Macbook Air, driven by the M1 and 16 GB processor of RAM, is phenomenal. When I divided its screen between 20 Chrome (Intel, not universal) tabs and a 1080p YouTube video, in addition to the email and photos of Apple, Pixelmator (again, an Intel application) and 1Password (Intel, again), I never saw , I never saw anything close to a hiccup. Ah, and deep down, 20 GB of 4K video were transferred Airdrop, while everything remained soft and stable.

Macbook M1During a group call, I even found time to play with iOS applications, downloading and opening the cloudy podcatcher, HBO Max and the game between us. All while reproduced a 4K YouTube video of a chef that cooks on my laptop monitor, I played in each of those applications, so that I could start an adventure episode, download a podcast and drag my lil between us, in the screen. Yes, I am very good in multitasking.

Most of the time, the MacBook Air with M1 felt-in terms of the performance-as it was identical (if not faster) than the 2020 core i5 MacBook Pro that I have used to try Big Sur, or the computer core i7 macbook pro work 2017 2017 I trust. This includes when I connected an external monitor. Before this, it was a bit skeptical, even with the Apple jacts of 3.5 times an improved performance in front of the Intel Macbook Air released earlier this year, because I have always taken my MacBooks to the limit and I needed a Macbook Pro, and not An air, to do my job. This macbook air? He feels like a professional.

And let’s see how that is shaken at the reference points, and I will notice that not all our tests were carried out with universal versions of applications, and Intel versions are not optimized for M1.

The air obtained 5,962 in the Geekbench 5.1 (Intel) multinuk test, which was practically in a dead heat with 5,925 of the M1 M1 Macbook Pro. The air exceeded 5,084 of the ZenBook 13 and 5,319 of the XPS 13 (both tested with the intel cpu Core i7-1165g7 and 16 GB of RAM), in the Geekbench 5.2 test comparable. The old CPU Intel Macbook Air Y-Series Intel gathered only 2,738.

MacBook Air M1 review: Graphics

Our MacBook Air test has the 8 -core GPU configuration, which (by sensation) could remodel the MAC in the minds of some players. I started it easily, running bioshock 2 remastering The corridors I explored moved without failure.

Macbook M1But as that is an older game, I took Rise of the Tomb Raider (also 2560 x 1600, and I put on average graphics) that looked great in Macbook Air, and I never thought I would see a MacBook Air a demanding demanding requirement aaa game absolutely. Whether she was climbing a snowy mountain of the Arctic or exploring Syria’s deserts, Lara Croft moved like her should. Ah, and both games are Intel versions that are executed through Rosetta 2, so they are not universal versions (yet).

When we compared the civilization of Sid Meier I saw: Gathering Storm (Intel) in the MacBook Air (where 1440 x 900 was the highest compatible resolution), 37 pictures worked per second, hitting the 7 fps score that we obtained from the Intel MacBook Air and arriving slightly under the time of 38 fps of M1 Macbook Pro. The ZenBook 13 and XPS 13 (which could execute that game at a slightly more acute 10p) recorded 21 and 16 fps rates, respectively.

Interestingly, the GFXBENCH METAL AZTEC RUINS GRAPHICS BENCHMARK (universal) gave the air and practically similar pro scores: 54 in high and 60 in normal (both rounded).

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MacBook Air M1: Battery Life

Apple declared that its M1 chip would allow the battery life throughout the day, and the company has reached that brand. In the Tom Guide Battery test (web navigation at 150 Nits), the new MacBook Air lasted 14 hours epic and 41 minutes (while the new MacBook Pro reached 16:32), sometimes he beat Zenbook 13 (13:47) and XPS 13 (11:07). The OLED XPS 13 (7:59) put in a much lower time.

And for those who just want to compare with the previous Intel Macs, they remain in the dust. Intel Macbook Air (9:31) and Macbook Pro (10:21) times have now been over 5 and 6 hours, respectively.

Then, the MacBook MacBook of 12 x 8.4 x 0.6 inches and 2.8 pounds is seen exactly as its predecessor based on Intel (11.9 x 8.4 x 0.6 inches and 2.8 pounds). And to be honest, it still has space to shrink. The Asus Zenbook 13 of 2.5 pounds (11.9 x 8 x 0.5 inches) is a bit ligh thin infinity.

MacBook Air M1: screen

While watching Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Ambverse in the Macbook Air M1, I noticed how the roses, the yellow and the graffiti blues left the screen, just like the green of the arachnids who bit young thousands Morales Morales Morales . As for the details, the 2,560 x 1600 pixels of MacBook Air pixes provided fine details, with the hair in that spider, the myriad of points of the day of Ben throughout the film, as well as the grains of the wooden floors In Bong Joon- parasite of Ho. The initial configurations of the ZenBook 13 and XPS 13 are the 1080p Rocks screens, which are not so clear.

We are still waiting for a MacBook Oled, since Dell XPS 13 Oled just obtained tons of applause for its beautiful panel. That said, its improved screen reaches a great inconvenience, as I mentioned in the battery duration section.

According to our Klein K10-A colorimeter, the MacBook Air With M1 produces 114.3%of the SRGB spectrum, which is slightly above the M1 macBook Pro scores (110.6%) Asus Zenbook 13 (107.5%) and Dell XPS 13 ( 97.9%). Intel Macbook Air recorded 113%similar, and OLED XPS 13 reached higher hair, with 117.3%

Our colorimeter also describes the new Macbook Air screen as producing up to 365.8 shine nits (a little below the company’s 400 nit estimate), which makes it similar to the MacBook Air visualization based on Intel (386 Nits ) and Zenbook Zenbook 13 (370 nits). The M1 Macbook Pro (434.8 Nits) and the XPS 13 (469.2 Nits) become brighter. That additional brightness could help prevent colors from getting a bit when you see the 30 degrees panel on the left and right.

MacBook Air M1: Audio

Lighting angry against the “Bulls on Parade” of the machine, I noticed how Macbook Air’s stereo speakers become strong enough to fill my living room quite large with a sweet sound. The synthesizers and guitar riffs sounded precise, Zach’s voice of La Rocha clearly came out and the speakers have a decently large sound scenario, giving a somewhat immersive sensation.

In addition, the MacBook Air is compatible with Dolby Atmos, so when I saw Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Ham in the air, I felt that I listened to the film’s booming score rather than in previous laptops. Whether it was “Sunflower” by Post Malone and Swae Lee or the timbre of Nicolas Cage’s voice for the Spider-Noir character, the film sounds better.

When performing video calls, the trio of built -in microphones means that Siri can listen to it (correctly) even when he speaks away from the laptop.

MacBook Air M1: verdict

This Macbook Air with the M1 review has demonstrated why its surprising resistance and its surprisingly good speed are combined to take the MacBook Air to new heights. If I only packed a couple more ports and thinned its bezels, the new Macbook Air could be perfect of 5 stars.

Dell XPS 13 has much smaller bezels, but crawls behind the MacBook Air in performance and battery life. You can save $ 650 with an Asus Zenbook 13 of $ 999 in a similar way, and obtain some ports also, but would sacrifice the performance and about an hour of resistance. However, for those who live and work in the Apple ecosystem, the new Macbook Air is the easiest purchase decision it has had in a long time.

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