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Microsoft Surface Pro 8 - 1 Best Seller 2-in-1 Laptop

The Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is the last in the company’s Surface Pro table line. This iteration includes a 11th generation Intel CPU, a 130 -inch screen of 120 Hz, two Thunderbolt 4 ports and a removable SSD. Same important, it comes with Windows 11 immediately and is suitable for the new operating system. Its small size and light design make Surface Pro 8 ideal to use at home or on the road.

During my tests for this review, I found the outstanding device for daily use. I also loved how well the Windows 11 operating system works with the tablet. The front and rear cameras are also fantastic, providing clean detailed images. Unfortunately, surface pro 8 disappoints as a game device and is not up to the 16 hours of battery duration.

Despite some of these objections, Surface 8 Pro is possibly the best in the famous Microsoft surface line. Those who seek to update from Surface Pro 7 or who are on the market for one of the best 2 in 1 laptops should consider this serious consideration.

Specification of Microsoft Surface Pro 8

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Microsoft Surface Pro 8



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Design of Microsoft Surface Pro 8

  • Easy to carry and light design
  • Thin bezels
  • Resistant housing
  • Removable SSD

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 With 11.3 x 8.2 x 0.37 inches and 1.96 pounds, the small and light design of Surface Pro 8 makes it an adequate portable device.

The dark anodized aluminum housing is not only pleasant, but makes the 2 in 1 feel resistant and resistant. The back of the unit has a brilliant logo of Microsoft silver at the kick stop. You can lift the support through the two clefts on each side of the unit. This is how it will access the removable SSD. There is a webcam on the back and another on the front.

The lower part of Microsoft Surface Pro 8 has a connector for Surface Pro Signature or Surface Pro In general, Surface Pro 8 feels solid and looks very good when sitting on your desk.

Performance of Microsoft Surface Pro 8

  • Solid performance in daily tasks
  • Game performance is disappointing

The review unit came with an Intel I7-1185g7 processor of 11 Core 11-GEN and 16 GB of RAM, which makes it twice as quickly as the Surface Pro 7, according to Microsoft. Whether I was sailing on the web, watching YouTube videos or listening to Spotify, Surface Pro 8 never folded during my tests, all programs were executed without problems. The Windows 11 operating system incorporated is undoubtedly a factor that contributes to the impressive performance of 2 against 1.

In the general performance test of Geekbench 5.4, Surface Pro 8 obtained 5,347. This is lower than Dell XPS 13, which obtained 5,639, and nowhere near the 2021 iPad Pro score of 7,298 with 7,298 M1 engine.

Unfortunately, the games on the surface 8 pro proved to be less than stellar. I installed Scarlet Nexus (through the Xbox application baked in Windows 11), assuming that it would be an easy title for surface pro 8 to be handled. It was not. From El Salto, the game fought to reach 30 paintings per second (FPS). Just lowering the resolution to 1440p and establishing all the graphics in the middle I finally enjoyed 60 stable fps.

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: The meeting storm averaged 37 FPS at the resolution of 1080p and 29 FPS to 1920p on the Pro surface 8. In comparison, the game averaged 67 FPS at 1080p and 41 fps to 2160p resolution in Dell XPS 15.

I could not use an external hard drive or GPU to play during my tests. However, if you can, I suggest resorting to those external devices. While Surface Pro 8 stands out in everyday tasks, it lacks the game department. If you are looking for a dedicated laptop, the Razer Blade 14 or the M15 R4 alienware are better options.

Get The Best Deals For Microsoft Surface Pro 8

Battery life

Microsoft says that the Surface 8 Pro battery lasts up to 16 hours depending on the typical use at 150 nits with automatic ruin and adaptive color. However, our tests conclude that the tablet lasts 9 hours, 6 minutes and 33 seconds (at 60Hz) by continuously navigating the web.

When navigating the web, see YouTube, listen to Spotify and play video games, I managed to squeeze almost 7 hours from Surface Pro 8 during my first test. The game is, of course, what ate the worst part of the battery life. After loading the unit during the night, I managed to approach at ten hours of use doing all the aforementioned tasks less.

Although 10 hours are better than 7 hours, it is still below the 16 hours promised. If you can, it is better to keep the surface pro 8 connected to a charger during use.


Like its predecessor, Surface Pro 8 presents a 5MP front camera. The camera produces rich images in details if you take photos anywhere with decent lighting. Even if its lighting situation is less than ideal, the camera still produces a clear image. Although I am not a fan of selfies or looked at photos of myself, the camera did an excellent job by capturing my best and worst characteristics.

The front camera is excellent for virtual meetings. While the lighting of your room is not terribly faint, whoever chat, should see you well and clear. Those of us who work from home and we must attend virtual meetings.

The 10MP rear camera impresses more than the front camera. I took photos of my room (messy) and I could distinguish titles in books of books and videogame covers. Whether you use the front or rear camera, you will not feel disappointed.

Surface Slim Pen 2 and Surface Pro Signature keyboard

  • Slim Pen 2 has fantastic haptic comments
  • The firm’s keyboard feels like a natural surface extension pro 8
  • Both peripherals are sold separately

Micosoft Surface Pro 8 penThe optional Surface Slim Pen 2 and Surface Pro keyboard are essential to make the most of the Surface Pro 8.

Haptic engines inside the Slim Pen 2 surface make the digital pen feel as if they are writing or drawing on paper. Digital artists will not change their Wacom tablets soon for a Surface Pro 8, but Microsoft’s tablet is not a tool in poor condition to use them. The pen is not as receptive as I would have liked, but overcomes the use of fingers to write or draw.


As the latest in Microsoft line 2-1, the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 feels like a next generation device. Its exceptional screen quality makes the videos a delight. The powerful CPU ensures that it will not experience a significant slowdown when navigating the web, chatting on video or performing other daily tasks. Windows 11 also seems that it was tailored to the device.

Get The Best Deals For Microsoft Surface Pro 8

The game on the surface 8 Pro leaves much to be desired, and the battery life does not last as much as Microsoft states. Surface Slim Pen 2 and Surface Pro accessories combine brilliantly with the device, but must spend additional money for them.

Although it is not perfect, the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is a solid 2 Windows 11 tablet that is a satisfactory update on Surface Pro 7.

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