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Razer Blade 15

Razer has updated its Blade 15 series this year to include the latest Intel and NVIDIA GPUS CPUs with Razer Blade 15 Gaming Laptop. In this case, the model is getting 12th Alder Lake-H Core i7-12800h and CPU CORE i9-12900H along with the GeForce RTX 3070 Ti and 3080 Ti (110 W TGP) to replace the 11th Core I7-11800H, Core I9 -11900h, RTX 3070 and RTX 3080 options (105 W TGP). This review will focus on the performance differences that users can expect when upgrading from a Razer 15 blade, until the last configuration of 2022 in the review.

Specification of Razer Blade 15


Input Devices Razer Blade 15

Even though the ClickPad Large file remains the same, Razer has updated the keyboard on sheet 2022 15 with slightly larger keys than on previous generation models to reduce writing errors. Consequently, the space between each key has been reduced. Travel and comments are identical, year after year.

Display Razer Blade 15

The blade 15 is one of the few 15.6-inch laptops coming with a 240 Hz 1440P panel covering all the DCI-P3 standard. The 165 Hz 1440P panel in Xenia 15, for example, covers everything from SRGB, but only 68 percent of P3. Gray white and gray blank response times are also very good, which means that this panel can be used for both the game and the digital edition. In previous years, sheet 15 the owners would have had to settle for the options of 4K UHD, instead of the full coverage of DCI-P3.

Users can switch between DGPU only or NVIDIA Optimus (MUX) without the need to restart the system, since the blade 15 is one of the few laptops to support advanced Optimus or Optimus 2.0. Note that G-Sync for the internal screen will only work when it is not in Optimus mode. In addition, the Thunderbolt 4 support will only be enabled when it will be activated in Optimus mode on other laptops that are executed in the 12th gene Alder Lake-H CPU. Razer Blade 15

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Razer Blade 15



Processor Razer Blade 15

The Core I7-12800H offers a faster 20 percent of a single thread and a multi-thread performance at the I7-11800H last generation core that replaces directly. The update is expected to the CORE I9-12900H SKU to increase the performance of the CPU in another 5 to 15 percent according to our experience with the MSI vector GP66.

DPC Latency Razer Blade 15

LatencyMon shows DPC issues when opening multiple browser tabs on our homepage. 4K video playback at 60 FPS is otherwise smooth and with no dropped frames when on Optimus mode.

Storage devices Razer Blade 15

Almost all Razer blade laptops use SSDS Lite-on or Samsung and the last sheet 15 is no exception. Our test unit comes equipped with SSD 1 TB Lite-on CA6-8D1024 PCIE4 X4 NVME for sequential reading and writing rates of up to 6800 MB / S and 4800 MB / S, respectively. Our DISKSPD reading loop test shows that the unit has no problems maintaining its maximum performance levels for prolonged periods.

Performance of the Razer Blade 15 GPU

The performance of the graphics is approximately 15 to 25 percent higher than the blade 15 RTX 3080 or 30 to 45 percent faster than the blade 15 RTX 2080 max-Q. Certain alternatives such as Schenker XMG Neo 15 E22 or Schenker Uniwill Technology GM7AG8P come with high-power versions 150+ W of the same GFForce RTX 3080 TI GPU for an increase in performance of 10 to 15 percent on our knife 15 RTX 3080 IT .

System Noise of the Razer Blade 15

The fan noise depends on the Power Synapse profile. We recommend running the system in silent mode when web browsing or video transmission, as fans otherwise pulled more frequently if in high performance modes. The drawback of silent mode is that palm trees rest and the lower part of the laptop will be noticeably warmer, since fanatics are running much more slowly.

The noise of the fan When Witcher 3 is running in the high performance mode is similar to what we recorded on the models of the older blade 15 in about 45 dB (a) that is still much quieter than in the XPG Xenia competition 15 or Eurocom Nightsky ARX315. However, this can increase the range of 49 to 52 dB (A) if the CPU is stressed much more.

Temperature of the Razer Blade 15

The temperatures of the surface are warm even when they are idle on the desk. The hot spots can reach more than 37 c at the top and bottom, which are numbers comparable to XPG Xenia 15 or MSI vector GP66 under similar conditions. Wait for the keyboard center to be a 48 c toast when games.

Stress test

When it is emphasized with Prime95, the CPU would increase to 3.1 GHz during the first seconds until reaching a central temperature of 80 C. Thereafter, the clock rates and temperature were stabilized in about 2.2 GHz and 66 C, respectively. The draw of the CPU package would also decrease from the initial tip of 90 W to a 55 W. More stable. Running Witcher 3 would cause the CPU and the GPU to stabilize at 74 C and 67 C, respectively, compared to 73 C and 71 C in the model 15 RTX 3080 of last year, the RTX 3080 model (or 67 C and 75 C In the Base model 15).

Therefore, the basic temperatures are not very different, year after year, despite the increases in the CPU and the performance of the GPU. Running about battery power will limit performance. A fire attack on batteries will return the scores of physics and graphics of 10560 and 8439 points, respectively, compared to 28455 and 28601 points when they are in the electrical network.

The energy consumption

Users are obtaining more than 2x, the performance of the multi-thread CPU and an increase in graphics of 15 to 25 percent compared to the blade 151 in early 2021. Energy consumption is subsequently higher in our last Model Blade 15 up to 60 W when it is completely stressed or about 30 w when you run games.

The Schenker XMG Neo 15 E22 with its 175 W RTX 3080 IT will consume even more energy than our blade 15 and its 110 W RTX 3080 Ti. The 230 W CA adapter is relatively small (~ 17 x 7 x 2.5 cm) compared to most other equivalent power adapters for easier transport. We are able to register a temporary maximum raffle of 228 W when both the CPU and the GPU are in the use of 100 percent.

Battery Duration

WLAN’s execution times are shorter than in previous generation models, probably, in part, in part of the 240P panel of 240 Hz of greater demand. We are able to squeeze almost 5 hours of use of WLAN from the real world when it is in the balanced power profile with NVIDIA Optimus established in the IGPU and the screen established at 150 nits.

In comparison, we can squeeze 6 hours or more on sheet 2021 15 when they are in similar test conditions. The empty load at full capacity with the included AC adapter gives less than 90 minutes. The system can also be loaded through USB-C adapters from third parties.

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